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About Us

Our practice is comprised of a dynamic group of providers, which include board certified pediatricians and nurse practitioners, in four locations dedicated to your child’s care.

We specialize in routine and preventive health care from infancy to adolescence. We also have pediatricians trained to manage conditions like allergy & asthma, neuropsychiatric & developmental problems, nutrition & weight management.

Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), mood & sleep disorders, depression and other developmental disorders are some of the common problems managed by our development pediatric group (DPG).

Nutrition management includes cholesterol screening, management of high cholesterol and obesity, diet management, lifestyle changes, etc.

The asthma & allergy physicians care for children with asthma, allergies.

Routine pediatric care includes annual physicals, sport or work physical, immunizations and various screening procedures for multiple pediatric disorders.

Our pediatric nurse practitioners are trained to manage all kinds of pediatric diseases and provide well child care. They also provide parents support and guidance in lactation consultation, nutrition counseling and a multitude of other pediatric issues and concerns.


We were among the first pediatricians in Butler County, dating our origins to our founding by Dr.Stanley Goodman, as a small pediatric practice in 1964. By recruiting pediatricians from some of the best training programs in our country, we have grown to become the largest provider of comprehensive child health care in Butler County and one of the largest in greater Cincinnati.

Pediatric Associates has been an innovator in the utilization of nurse practitioners, who have been incorporated into the health care delivery system for almost 30 years.

Our medical and nurse practitioner staff have consistently received a vote of confidence from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and from the Advanced Practice Nursing Training Program from the University of Cincinnati, as we have reached out to help teach and train medical and nurse practitioner students. We also regularly host pediatric residents from Children's Hospital, Cincinnati.

Our Mission

We exist to provide exceptional positive influence in the lives of our patients and their families. We will do this by making every attempt to enthusiastically promote the highest quality of care and create an environment where our working family can fulfill their personal dreams.

Our Vision

We will be the best at helping your family thrive as we thrive in serving you

Our Core Values

  • Trust And Confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Compassion
  • Loyalty And Commitment
  • Quality Comprehensive Care
  • Happiness