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Developmental Pediatric Group


Dr. Robert Lerer (recently retired) had been seeing children at Pediatric Associates of Fairfield (PAF) with developmental, behavioral, and neuropsychiatric problems since his arrival in the Fairfield and Hamilton area in 1974. He was very instrumental in the founding of the Children's Diagnostic Center in Hamilton, Ohio.

The caseload of these patients grew very rapidly at PAF, and other PAF physicians and nurse practitioners began to help with the care of these patients around 1980.  Because of the demands of these children and families,  a Developmental Pediatric Group (DPG) was formed around 1995 to further assist in the complex care of these children and teenagers and families.

Members of Developmental Pediatric Group


Thomas J Catalanotto, MD FAAP
V. Wade Weatherington, MD FAAP
Michelle Burch (Beitzel), MD FAAP
Kristin Dinkelaker (Habel), MD FAAP
Monica C. Oerther, MD FAAP
Marc A. Richardson, MD FAAP
Jennifer S. Haskell, MD FAAP
Kiti Ho, MD FAAP
Janice Brooker, CPNP

DPG Scheduling Coordinator (Call 513-874-9460 Ext.*313 for an appointment)


  • Initial consultation for school problems, behavioral and developmental problems,  and neuropsychiatric disorders
  • Care of children and teenagers with simple and complex ADHD, depression, anxiety, other mood disorders; or with cutting, or dangerous or unsafe behavior
  • Care of toddlers and children with out-of-control behavior, language and developmental delays, or with suspected Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Care of children and teenagers with movement disorders, tics or Tourette syndrome
  • Initial care of children with suspected eating disorders

Appointments can be scheduled through the DPG Scheduling Coordinator at 513-874-9460 Ext.*313