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Female Adolescent Care Team (FACT)


Adolescent females have unique healthcare needs. Recommendations in the treatment of menstrual problems, acne, sexually transmitted infections and contraception are constantly changing. The Female Adolescent Care Team has been established to meet the needs of adolescent females in a comfortable, confidential setting.
Members of the Female Adolescent Care Team
* Nicole S. M. George, MD FAAP
* Michelle Burch (Beitzel), MD FAAP
* Kristin Dinkelaker (Habel), MD FAAP
- Evaluation of menstrual problems such as excessive cramping, heavy bleeding, and
   irregular periods
- Completion of screening for sexually transmitted infections when indicated
- Initial care of teens with acne
- Discussion regarding contraception options tailored to individual needs of the patient
- Provision of oral contraception and depo-provera when desired
Please call 874-9460 to schedule an appointment. Due to the discrete and complex nature of these visits, we encourage you not to schedule these appointments with other siblings present. You are welcome to attend and enter the appointment with your adolescent, and have all your questions and concerns addressed. During the appointment, the provider will ask for individual time with patients over 13 years of age to address her questions and concerns privately.